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Stories and Songs in Bournemouth…

Loved playing in Bournemouth last weekend. It was especially good to play with Stan Majerski on keys. We met in the Balkans and he produced and played on two albums that were developed out there: “Dreams of a Homecoming” and “This is for you”. We’ve also toured a lot together along with our larger five-price band. […]

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As promised, a few more images from 2015 so far… Another highlight was playing in Edinburgh for the university events week. Here, my main role was to illustrate talks by Michael Green using the songs…

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Live Music through 2015…

Great Cafe culture in Copenhagen... ideal for these events!

It’s been a busy few months playing in Edinburgh, London, Swansea, Sienna, Florence, Copenhagen… As well as solo events, it has been great to work with friends like Michael Ots, Lindsay Brown, Michael Green who use these live songs as “illustrations” or “moments of reflection” during their talks to universities or other groups. I’ll post […]

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Lavish Launch – photographed by Lester Barnes

Andy Mayo, Nick Beston - Lavish

Here are some images from the Lavish Launch on Friday night… some travelled nearly 200 miles to be there. Thank you! Lavish Launch in Black and White…   Lavish Launch in Colour… All images by the legendary Lester Barnes.

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Prague, Krakow…

It’s been a great week in the universities in Prague and Krakow. Working with Michael Ots and others from the FEUER network, we’ve been in some beautiful clubs in these two amazing cities – speaking and singing about the biggest themes…     Now looking forward to the Lavish Album Launch on 21st November with […]

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Recording Acoustic Café

– a few more shots by Mike Macdonald as we recorded at Porcupine Studios.

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Recording “Acoustic Café ” Album at Porcupine

BLOG POST: 19th April 2013 “Today I spent a great morning at Porcupine Studios.   “It was to Porcupine that we brought the whole band to record the live jazz parts of “This is for you”. Nick Taylor has an amazing ability to capture live sound in an authentic way as he delves into his treasure […]

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Vocal Studio Day – new CD edges closer…

Another great day in Lester Barnes’ W1 studio – developing vocals today. This was my view for much of the day!

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Heading to Durham

For the next two days I am playing at a number of events in Durham – part of the University ‘Events Week’. It’s always excellent to be involved in these happenings – many opportunities to share through this music about the Jesus Christ who liberates lives… My “acoustic” solo kit is loaded on the train […]

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Recording a new studio CD with Lester Barnes

It’s great to be working on a new CD with Lester Barnes! The plan is that it will be released in June 2013 – we will keep you posted… Eleven newly written songs that echo with the theme of a transcendent love that reaches out… Here’s a shot of Lester’s studio in W1.  With some of his […]

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CampFest – Slovakia

What a great event! Organised in the Low Tatra mountains, thousands of people from Slovakia and the surrounding countries get together for a few days of great music, networking and excellent teaching. The journey was an adventure with two planes being cancelled and then a long drive across from Austria. Travelling with rappers “Faith Child”, […]

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“Acoustic Cafe” – photos by Dave McNeight!

Had a brilliant night with the folks from Farnham on Saturday – what a great group of people…  It was a mellow, “Acoustic Cafe” event – about 100 people, thirteen songs in two sets of just over half an hour each, including about five songs from the new CD that is on its way. Dave […]

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