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CampFest – Slovakia

What a great event! Organised in the Low Tatra mountains, thousands of people from Slovakia and the surrounding countries get together for a few days of great music, networking and excellent teaching.

The journey was an adventure with two planes being cancelled and then a long drive across from Austria. Travelling with rappers “Faith Child”, we had a lot of fun on our unexpectedly convoluted journey including putting on an impromptu acoustic gig in the foyer of a prestigious hotel where the struggling airline had put us for the night…

In a usually deserted valley in the Low Tatras, a massive marquee and surrounding tent village had been established and we arrived to the warmest Slovak welcome just in time for the soundcheck.

The whole of CampFest is brilliantly and professionally organised by a dynamic and highly creative team.  It was great to catch up with the genius Stan Majerski who lives right in the heart of CampFest with his family and to chat more about the new CD that we are working on together…

I look forward to being back in this part of the world – just over the border in Poland – in November for a series of university events…

“Acoustic Cafe” – photos by Dave McNeight!

Had a brilliant night with the folks from Farnham on Saturday – what a great group of people…  It was a mellow, “Acoustic Cafe” event – about 100 people, thirteen songs in two sets of just over half an hour each, including about five songs from the new CD that is on its way.

Dave McNeight was there and captured the event in a few images…


Short gig in the open air – busking style – here in Southampton.  “The London”  what an iconic venue!

Recording the “Sevenoaks Sessions”

Recording “Dreams of a Homecoming” in the Balkans…