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Welcome to the Turquoise Tracks Store.

There’s something special about receiving an actual CD through the post – a tangible piece of art – complete with inlay booklet, visual artwork and images (most CDs here include 16 page booklets).

On this page you can order a CD by post and it will reach your address – or a gift address – within a couple of days. If you are sending the CD as a gift, include a message in the “notes” section.

First Class UK postage or slower worldwide postage is included in the price.

Alternatively you can download from iTunes.





  Lavish by Andy Mayo
“Lavish” CD including first class P&P: £8.49

  Acoustic Cafe by Andy Mayo
“Acoustic Café” CD including first class P&P: £7.49

  This is for you by Andy Mayo
“This is for you” CD including first class P&P: £7.49

  Creams of a Homecoming by Andy Mayo
“Dreams of a Homecoming” CD including first class P&P: £7.49



“Lavish” CD including postage: £8.49


Acoustic Café - Andy Mayo


Lavish Production with Lester Barnes

Andy’s latest songs are gripping – stories, questions, insights… subtle "Hide" to the full on funk of, "Broken Man", Psalm-echoing "Show me" to the film-inpired "A Place?".

With the brilliant film music virtuoso, Lester Barnes, pouring his creativity into the arrangements on this latest Andy Mayo album, "Lavish" is resplendant with strings, choirs and funk horns sections… this is an inspired, textured and facinating recording.

Andy explained shortly before the release:

"I am excited about this recording!  Rich orchestration including choirs, strings and some great soul-sounding horns, this is an ambitious album that I hope will echo with the message of the One whose love is most extreme…"

Following a great launch of the album on the 21st November in the "Lavish" Pamoja Hall theatre, the album is now on general release…


Acoustic Café

“Acoustic Café” CD including postage: £7.49


Acoustic Café - Andy Mayo

“Come to an Acoustic Café!”

With an eclectic mix of styles – drawing from blues, jazz, folk and a hint of funk, Andy’s music fits well into the unique and vibrant ambience of the intimate venues chosen for “Acoustic Cafés”. Coffee, conversation and great music define these evenings!

“I love the buzz of the Acoustic Café events” explains Andy, "it takes the songs back to the kind of atmosphere that they originated from…”

To capture this spontaneous, raw, “live” style, this CD was recorded in South London’s Porcupine Studio with the brilliant engineer Nick Taylor using the philosophy,

“one voice, one guitar, one take”.

A solo recording – Andy and guitar – this CD is made up of twelve songs from three studio releases including acoustic versions of four new songs due to be released in November 2013 on the next studio CD, “Lavish”.

Stories Behind the Songs

As a further echo of the live “Acoustic Café” events, the CD includes free links to short video presentations of the story behind each song filmed by Mike Macdonald. Catch a glimpse of these here:

“Acoustic Café” is available here on the Turquoise Tracks website on iTunes, Spotify and other digital outlets.



This is for you

“This is for you” CD including postage: £7.49



“Wonderfully Produced”

“Andy has put together a finely crafted set of songs which speak clearly of the Gospel and relate it to the experience of the man in the street (or the man in the jazz café, in this instance). His careful vocals mean that every word is heard and the diverse musical arrangements – particularly those which feature Nick Beston, and some achingly beautiful strings – are wonderfully produced.

“Some of the songs are obviously very personal and there are two or three which have a narrative style to equal the best of Tilbrook and Difford’s work with Squeeze, “He Says He Loves Her” being a prime example. “Jazz Café” makes explicit an atmosphere which really pervades the whole album and into that atmosphere Andy sings the good news of Jesus with a forthrightness that hits the listener between the eyes.

“At a time when singer/songwriters are enjoying something of a renaissance, Andy Mayo’s work is definitely up there with the best of them.”

– Ian Hayter
(Cross Rhythms Review on Release)




Dreams of a Homecoming

“Dreams of a Homecoming” CD including postage: £7.49



“An imaginative, surprising recording”

“Newly released by Andy Mayo on the Turquoise Tracks label, “Dreams of a Homecoming”. A fusion of funk, jazz and R&B: melting ballads contrast with driving rhythms. A lyrical poetry soaks the recording… Andy’s blues-folk vocal lines – now raw, now mellow – cut to the soul. These are songs that echo long after the CD has stopped spinning.

“Hauntingly melodic contributions from the versatile jazz saxophonist Nick Beston of “Take5” and “NBQ” complement the rich talent of Stan Mayerski on keyboards ranging from Hammond to Grand.

“Creative interplay between vocals, bass, drums, guitars, saxes, keyboards and sequencing – arrangements skilfully sculpted by Stan Mayersky – make for an imaginative, surprising recording.

“With an unlikely eclectic of influences ranging from Morcheeba to Bob Dylan; Tracey Chapman to Ronnie Jordon, these songs were written in the shelled remains of the former Yugoslav Republics where London-born Andy made his home for these last seven years. Against this stark background of civil war, bombings and deserted dwellings, a cry for peace and a homecoming stand out vividly.

“After a honing in the streets, bars, train stations and cafés of Belgrade, Vienna, Sarajevo and London, these passionate songs of longing and peace are finally available on CD.”





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