“A Saturday Night Collaboration” – live from the Railway Carriage Studio – with international guests and Michael Ots

On Saturday 9th May at 8:15pm, UK time, join a “collaboration” in the Railway Carriage Studio! 

I’m excited to welcome brilliant saxophonist Nick Beston (London) and Ukrainian violinist, Marina Gnatyshyna (Kiev) for this collaboration. Dewi Jones (Welsh National Theatre) will be engineering…

Tonight, Michael Ots will speak during the interval – a lot of us would travel to the next country to hear him but he’ll be right here “in” the Railway Carriage too.

The whole event runs from 8:15pm to 9:15pm… 

Hope you can join us all!


After the Railway Carriage Session…

Thank you for being a part of tonight – it was good to share this with you!

It would be great to keep the conversation going!


UK: Pop any feedback you want to in the form at the bottom of the page. If you include your mailing address, we’ll post a couple of books to you – Mark’s eyewitness account of Jesus’ life (Mark’s Gospel) – and the newly published “Where is God in a Coronavirus World?” by John Lennox.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: click here to email Lilja who will get in touch to chat more.

Serbia: Click here to contact Samuilo or Marijana, or head to their FaceBook page here. They have a Serbian translation of John Lennox’ new book and would post this to you with a Serbian Mark’s Gospel.

Listen to Michael Ots speaking about spiritual themes arising from the current crisis by clicking here. (I’m also singing at this event.)

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Keeping in touch…

Live from the “Railway Carriage Studio”

You’re Invited! On this Saturday 25th April, 8pm UK time, I’m planning to share some stories and songs for an hour – live on Facebook and through YouTube Live.

You’re welcome to join me! I’ll be in the little “Railway Carriage Studio” that I’ve been using for other streamed events.

I’d love it if you can come! It might be a good event to invite friends to as well… it’ll feel like one of those evenings that we’ve sat outside in a cafe together – or on some beautiful Balkan mountainside – and swapped songs!

See you at 8pm Saturday if you can! 



Find Rest

Psalm 62

Find rest,
O my soul,
in God

My salvation
and my honour
on Him.

You alone are my rock;
You alone my salvation.
You are my fortress:
I shall not be shaken.

He’s my refuge:
He’s my mighty rock.
I trust
in Him.

You alone are my rock;
You alone my salvation.
You are my fortress:
I shall not be shaken.

God has spoken
and I have heard:
that You O God are strong,
that You O God are loving.

You alone are my rock;
You alone my salvation.
You are my fortress:
I shall not be shaken.

“Rest for your Soul” the story behind the song released in a booklet…

Tonight we’ve received from the printers the booklets, “Rest for your Soul” – the booklet contains the story shared online here: https://turquoisetracks.com/videos/rest/

I plan to give these away this Easter time with the intention of triggering conversations around these biggest themes! If you’d like some, let me know!

In the days of CDs and records, I loved the photography and artwork. These little booklets (this is the fourth I’ve done like this) give an outlet for that old idea… and give the opportunity to share the story behind the song.

Here’s a mockup of the printed design: