Acoustic Café Playlist

CD-On-Body-Design---Mock-upHere’s the play list of “Acoustic Café” – four acoustic renditions of tracks from “Dreams of a Homecoming”, four from “This is for you” and four from the forthcoming studio CD “Lavish” released in November this year.

Acoustic Café
01. Train
02. A Place?
03. Arms Held Open
04. Flattered
05. Dreams of a Homecoming
06. He Says he Loves her
07. This is for you
08. Calling
09. Broken Man
10. Song of the Saved
11. Coming Home
12. Show me



Recording “Acoustic Café ” Album at Porcupine

BLOG POST: 19th April 2013

“Today I spent a great morning at Porcupine Studios.


“It was to Porcupine that we brought the whole band to record the live jazz parts of “This is for you”. Nick Taylor has an amazing ability to capture live sound in an authentic way as he delves into his treasure trove of intricate and ancient Neumann microphones…


“Our philosophy for the session was, one voice, one guitar and one take – we were trying to capture the spontaneous, immediate feel of the Acoustic Café events and we had a lot of fun!”

This CD will be released in June. Here are some shots from around the studio taken by Mike MacDonald:

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Acoustic Cafés PRESS RELEASE


“Coffee, conversation and music with a soul – all in the best galleries, coffee houses and cafés…”

Through this Spring, guitarist and singer song-writer Andy Mayo will be playing a series of “Acoustic Cafés” across the UK.  Playing without his powerful five-piece band, the music takes on a very personal quality in such intimate settings – this is deepened as Andy shares some of the stories behind his songs.

“I love the buzz of these Acoustic Café events” explains Andy, “it takes the songs back to the kind of atmosphere that they originated from…”

Drawing on an extensive repertoire of three published albums as well as new material from his next CD, these will be evenings to savour.  Inspired to write about big themes impacting everyday lives, Andy’s music has been described in the press as, “continually suffused with transcendent hope”.

With an eclectic mix of styles drawing from blues, jazz, folk and a hint of funk, Andy’s music fits well into the unique and vibrant ambience of these intimate venues.

Click for PDF edition of this Press Release: Acoustic Cafe – Press Release 03 03 13