“Acoustic Cafe” – photos by Dave McNeight!

Had a brilliant night with the folks from Farnham on Saturday – what a great group of people…  It was a mellow, “Acoustic Cafe” event – about 100 people, thirteen songs in two sets of just over half an hour each, including about five songs from the new CD that is on its way.

Dave McNeight was there and captured the event in a few images…

“Acoustic Cafe” – 5th May, Otford

Have you ever been to Otford Manor? It’s an incredible old manor house in the hills of Kent – just outside of London. Tomorrow night I’m playing there for a group who will be staying at Otford Manor from Farnham in Surrey.  I’ll be using some of the new songs written for the CD that we’re currently creating – never heard before – as well as some of the earlier songs.

It’s an “Acoustic Cafe” type event – relaxed atmosphere, stories and songs… All in a massive room that overlooks the valley below.

Entry is free and if you’re in the area, you are welcome too! 8pm, Otford Manor: TN15 6XF – 01732 763131

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