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[col_two last=”true”]Sitting on a beach in North Cornwall, dramatic clouds wrestle with a determined late-August sun. The kaleidoscope sky swims with colour as dusk approaches.

Ancient stories and songs, a mysterious lightness of spirit – even a joy – over beauty, and that sense of hope and purpose. It sometimes seems that we are surrounded by – crowded by – hints of the transcendent.

Comprised of wistful major-seventh chords with their unexpected harmony, “Is there One who is beyond, outside and who calls?”[/col_two]
Nick Beston is playing the saxophone throughout this album. We first became friends after creating a pop-up jazz café in a bus in New Cross, South London. He has an incredible sense of melody and harmony: the centre of our five-piece band when playing these songs live. It is Nick’s notes that open this album…

Lester Barnes – known for brilliant film scores – creates the arrangement including the nostalgic music box riff that invokes memories of fairy-tales, kings and hints of a purpose.

I wrote this song after all of the others to deliberately sit at the front of the album – to set the scene for the “story” of the rest of “Lavish”. My hope is to defiantly point us towards the questions that I think our culture is wired to induce us to suppress – and yet those that perhaps are the most important ones of all to be asking.



There’s a whisper of love

that starts a story;

a wind-borne rumour

that’s reaching to me.

There’s an echo of a song,

a sweet melody

  and it hangs on the breeze.


“I’m calling for you, my love. 

“I’m calling for you, my love.”


There’s a reflection of light

that pierces the grey,

dappled refractions

hint dawning of day.

There’s a spectrum of colour,

an escaping ray,

and it warms to crimson.


“I’m calling for you…” 

There’s a vague sense of hope

that pervades your heart,

it keeps you breathing

in the dark.

There’s a tale of a purpose

in which you might play a part:

your soul is dreaming.


“I’m calling for you…”

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