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I hope that “Lavish” has inspired you towards thinking further about these biggest themes – most of all about the significance of Jesus Christ and the enormity of His claims.

A spiritual revolution began for me when I recognised the lavish love that drove Jesus to die on a cross in my place, said “sorry” for my rejection of Him until that point and asked Him to forgive, fill and empower me to live for His glory and kingship…

My prayer is that you, too, would come to this place of trusting Jesus – experiencing forgiveness, liberation, life in all its fullness. Like the prisoner set free in “His Name”, you can speak to the God who is there and has revealed Himself in Jesus.

To keep mulling over these things, read the eye-witness accounts of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection recorded in the Bible (Luke or Mark are great places to start). If you’d like to be in touch, drop me a line using this form below. If you send your postal address, I’d love to send you the gift of a book that will help you to continue your spiritual journey.

‘How great is the love
lavished on us…’

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