“So why write this?  What’s the story behind this music?”


Andy Mayo 200w - 015Stories.  There’s a depth of communication when one person tells a story, shares a poem or sings a song to another…

These songs resonate with a revolutionary story…  You see, I have become convinced that there is a God who reaches out towards us.  One so magnificent and perfect – unknowable in our natural state – yet One we long to relate with from the depths of our soul…  Without His choosing to reach out to us, we would just be left with a dull aching sense that “there must be more”.  But He has introduced Himself – He has come here…

These songs are about the touch of Jesus on a person’s life.  Many people have caught a glimpse of a cliche, kitsch “Jesus” and dismissed Him, not realising that they are in fact dismissing only a caricature of the real thing.

The aim of these songs is to urge you to look again at Jesus – the real Jesus – and to realise that He claims to be “God here”.  More than that, He is “God come to the rescue” to bring us into relationship with Him.  He is “God with His arms held open”.

I’ve made a whole site for those who want to think more about this.  Originally a page here at Turquoise Tracks, there’s now enough material to warrant its own site: GodOnaTrain.com


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