The best way to hear the music has to be live!

Whether with the full five piece band or a more intimate solo event, enjoy hearing the stories behind the songs and the creativity of a unique live performance…

Live Video

Playing in Sevenoaks, here are the band as a five piece – recorded as we played it… no overdubs or second takes!

Booking the band

If you would like to host a night of music, we can help you! Whether you would like a solo event or the full five-piece band, we would be delighted to play for you.

This music is written and shared with the intention of pointing those listening to Jesus Christ. We play all kinds of venues from theatres to prisons, schools to wine bars, cathedrals to gardens but always we are wanting for people to end up thinking about this Jesus… Click here to read more about why we play!

Solo Events:

For a solo event up to 150 people, the costs are very low – little more than transport costs from South London. For venues of over 150 people, we hire some equipment and have to add these costs in too.

Five-piece band:

For the full band to play to up to 300 people, we charge £600 (plus transport costs if more than 30 miles from South London). For larger audiences we have to hire extra equipment and add these costs.

As well as playing, we can help to put the event together:

We can organise posters, invitations and ticketing for you – use the form below to get in touch and we can continue the conversation!

Please use this form below to get in touch about an event…

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